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Red Brick 16th Anniversary Arrives!

Red Brick Brewing is finding their niche at barrel aging.  Last year’s 15th Anniversary found instant popularity, prompting the brewery commemorate the beer again on their 16th.  This beer is an imperial brown ale that spent 6 months with Mr. Jack Daniels.

To contrast, last year’s 15th Anniversary was aged 13 months in a Pappy Van Winkle barrel.

In 2011, 16th Anniversary kicks off Red Brick’s new “Brick Mason” series of 12oz/ 4pks. The first of 4 editions released this year.

Style: Imperial Brown Ale. (Barrel Aged)

Taste Expectations: Boozy, Vanilla, oak, bourbon, malt.

Availability: 12oz/4pks. Limited Draft. 1 time brew.

11% ABV

Special early release today @HopCity & @TowerATL in Atlanta!