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Preview: Heavy Seas Uncharted Waters Lineup, 2015

Heavy Seas Uncharted Waters

Heavy Seas (Baltimore, MD) upgraded the Mutiny Fleet to the Uncharted Waters Series a couple of years ago.

Since then, the series has featured 4-5 offerings a year, each barrel-aged and unique.

The 2015 line is now available, featuring a couple of new faces, plus some familiar “ish” offerings:

  • Siren Noire: Bourbon barrel chocolate imperial stout  (Jan-March)
  • Phantom Ship: Barrel-aged Belgian tripel (available March – April)
  • Blackbeards Breakfast: Coffee-bourbon porter (available May – June)
  • Red Sky at Morning: Belgian-style saison aged in Chardonnay barrels (available July – August)
  • Yule Tide: Gingerbread rum-barrel-aged weizenbock (available November – December)

Siren Noire has been in the Uncharted Waters series since day one. Yule Tide, once a tripel, varies each year. The 2015 “gingerbread” aspect is new for this late 2015 release.

Red Sky at Morning is a spin off of the brewery’s Red Sky at Night saison, aged in Chardonnay wine barrels.

Phantom Ship, and Blackbeard’s Breakfast are completely new.