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800 Bottles: Prairie/Evil Twin Coolship Truck

Prairie Artisan Ales Coolship Truck

Prairie Artisan Ales and Evil Twin Brewing started this project late last year.

The two breweries co-brewed a new American wild ale, using a coolship on wheels (in a truck.) A coolship is a basically a shallow tub that allows for a lot of surface area exposure for hot wort. The wort cools overnight, while collecting airborne yeast that will spontaneously ferment the beer.

Last month, Prairie tweeted that around 800 bottles of Coolship Truck have made it into existence.

To the best of my knowledge, the bottles have not been released yet. There are some Untappd ratings from the tap room .

Style: American Wild Ale
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft. Limited.
Release: TBA

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