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Ponder the Deep Meaning of Half Acre Stargrazer

Half Acre Beer Company (Chitown) is launching the deep thinking Stargrazer lager this Friday (May 3rd). The crisp, easy drinking beer is lightly hopped with some of the good ol’ American varieties. Here’s a little deep thinking from HA to ponder as you wait for the release:

Outer space is deep, man. Real deep. All sorts of mysterious, other-worldly, indescribable stuff happens out there. When you break it down and really think about it, we’re all part of this space idea as well. I mean, do you realize we’re floating in space? And who’s to say what else is out there? (well, besides scientists and astronomers and all those smarty-pants type folk… they do a pretty good job) Among the information that we do know is the concept of these ultra-high gravity black holes that eat stars. They just cruise around, light years away, and epicly consume stars and photons of light with a voracious appetite. These black holes are sometimes referred to as stargrazers. 

Style: Lager
Availability: Draft only
Arrival: 5/3/13

6% ABV