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SweetWater Releases Ghoulash, Festive



Atlanta-Based Brewery Debuts New Dank Tank Creation Ghoulash and Rekindles the Festive Ale

 ATLANTA — The cupboards were full of odds and ends at SweetWater Brewery, so the brewers whipped up SweetWater’s latest and great concoction. Ghoulash, the newest creation in the Dank Tank series of rarely released randomness, arrives this month straight from the dark side of their soul. Ok, it’s really not that scary, more so an experimental black IPA filled with everything but the kitchen sink.  Don’t like living on the dark side with El Danko?, warm up with the return of Festive Ale, perfect for a breaking out those sweaters, checking out some leaves, or curing the “family get-together” hangover — hey, the holidays can be tough.

Ghoulash: A brew so big and black, and full of fun even the creators have to warn, “We don’t know what style it is either. Enjoy and good luck!” The story behind the brew is just as random as the ingredients that make it: “Alone and cold on a frigid fall night, the evil Dr. Dank’s stomach rumbled. It has been days since devouring the last of his trannies and platypuses. Desperate, he wandered into his kitchen only to find a 3-eyed rat, yellow toenails, and an old bean burrito. Always resourceful, Dr. Dank remembered his great, great, bouffalata, granny goose’s Ghoulash recipe.

Try as he might, he couldn’t get it right, so he dumped everything he could find from the fridge and cupboard into one giant boiling brew, resulting in this stew of 2-row, black wheat, munich malt and a 14-hop variety asplifidation of Whillamette, Galena, Mt. Hood, Nugget, Perle, Aroma, Bobek, Aurora, Styrian, Golding, Magnum, Columbus, Summit, Millennium, and Crystal. Sloppy seconds never tasted so ghood!”

Hurry! This brew will be around only as long as the candy at the bottom of your pillowcase.

Festive Ale: We double dog dare you! Festive Ale is back, and this returning favorite is sure to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling all season long. This high octane 8.5% ABV ale is a full-bodied brew with Centennial and Golding hops and is capped with a dose of cinnamon and mace. But don’t wait to enjoy this one! Just like holidays, it comes around once a year and will be only be available until late December. The Festive Ale is available on draft with the familiar stocking covering SweetWater’s rainbow trout tap handle, in 22oz wax sealed bottles, and in six packs of 12 oz. bottles


About SweetWater Brewing Company:

SweetWater Brewing Company is an Atlanta-based craft brewery specializing in aggressive West Coast style beers. SweetWater’s brews are unpasteurized and designed to be consumed fresh so distribution is limited to the Southeast. The award-winning lineup of year-round brews includes SweetWater 420, IPA, Sch’Wheat (Gold medal winner at this year’s GABF), Blue and Georgia Brown.  SweetWater also features a Catch and Release series of beers available on a limited basis throughout the year, and the experimental, one-time-only Dank Tank series. The SweetWater Brewery, open for tours every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 5:30-7:30  p.m. and Saturdays from 2:30-4:30 p.m., is located at 195 Ottley Dr NE, Atlanta GA 30324. For more information about SweetWater Brewing Company, please visit