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PICS: Repoterrior Brewday

Avery, Allagash, Dogfish Head, Lost Abbey, and Sierra Nevada have gotten together to make a super collaboration of sorts.  The beer, Repoterroir features ingredients from each of the brewers home towns.   Below is Sierra Nevada’s description of Repoterrior and pics from research & brew day.

A distinct 5.5% ABV session-lager brewed with elemental, native terroir from the following collective of brewers: Sierra Nevada (wild rice, beets, cucumber, mint and carrots), Avery (Colorado alfalfa honey), Allagash (Maine purple potatoes), Dogfish Head (free-range Atlantic Ocean “beach” wood), and Lost Abbey (cage-free Pacific Ocean “beach” wood).

Born out of a backroom conversation in a Boulder restaurant and blooming into a full-blown cornucopia of a collaboration, Repoterroir is a coming together of like-minded craft beer compatriots. Brewed at Sierra Nevada’s brewery in Chico, CA this sessionable lager beer reclaims the earthbound mantle of terroir from the grape-soaked, buttoned-down world of wine and re-purposes it in a new sudsy sense.

Featuring natural ingredients contributed by each of the five breweries, this unique and earthy beer is complex and layered but ultimately drinkable. Using the full repertoire of skills from more than 86 combined years of brewing knowledge and skill, this lager combines traditional (and not so traditional) ingredients into an ideal summertime brew