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Perennial’s Chocolatey House Brew For Chocolate Bar

So another Missouri brewer opted to put their highly touted chocolate ale on hiatus? Don’t fret. Another up and coming Missouri brewery looks to woo those with a love of the cocoa bean.  The above is Perennial Artisanal Ale’s house brew for Bailey’s Chocolate Bar, based in Saint Louis. The bar features 90 beers, chocolate martinis and over 90 beers, including the above.  Even better, this chocolate ale is already available. Don’t expect a heavy stout or porter. This is an amber wheat ale, with a delicate chocolate balance.

This is Bailey’s Chocolate Bar’s luxurious house brew. An approachable yet complex Amber Wheat Ale with deep natural chocolate flavors. Our handcrafted beer is sure to please both beer aficionados and chocolate lovers, alike.  

Style: Wheat Ale (w/ cocoa nibs)
Availability: 750ml bottles at Chocolate Bar – St. Louis.

 ?? ABV