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Ouch. The Rare Barrel drain pours Wicked Weed

Wicked Weed sells to Anheuser this week and the reactions have been pretty brutal.

Jester King, who were/are friends and past collaborators, basically said “we’re cool” but aren’t working together anymore.

The Rare Barrel, California’s highly desired wild & sour brewery and past collaborator, hasn’t taken the news well either. Today they posted a picture of themselves pouring out their recent collaboration with Wicked Weed, that some weeks ago would have sent beer fans into a self induced tizzy.

Citing core values, The Rare Barrel is pulling out of the second half of their collaboration with Wicked Weed, refusing to serve their beer, and will no longer attend their festivals.

Another big ouch for the newest millionaires on the brewing block.

Full statement from The Rare Barrel below. PIC via The Rare Barrel/Facebook.

This has been an awkward and emotional last 24 hours for us.

Over the years, we’ve become good friends with the Wicked Weed crew. We’ve grown to really respect the people and their beers. We’ve shared many beers together, made a beer together, are in the process of making another beer together, enjoyed events around the country, and hosted Wicked Weed events at our barrel house. We’ve shared some really good times together over the last couple of years.

It’s about values.

Yesterday, Wicked Weed announced that they are selling their brewery to the megabrewery AB InBev (Budweiser, Shock Top). Here at The Rare Barrel, we’ve made a decision not to serve, collaborate with, or affiliate with AB InBev because our values do not align with theirs.

In order to stay true to our values, we’re pulling out of the second part of our collaboration, will not be attending their festivals, and will not be able to serve their beer in our Tasting Room anymore.

While our values diverge and we part ways, we wish the people at Wicked Weed all the best.

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