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Lagunitas now “fully connected” to Heineken

Lagunitas Heinken Deal

In a new world of buy-outs and acquisitions (especially this week), there is more news. Lagunitas is merging the rest of their holdings into Heineken.

The original deal, announced back in 2015, was for a 50% stake in California born Lagunitas. The original stake purchase valued in the $100’s of millions was a cash generator for the brewery. At the time, the deal set the value of Lagunitas at $1 billion.

Since opening, Lagunitas has built a second production facility in Chicago, and a new Azusa, California production facility.

Today, Tony Magee announced the brewery will be “fully connected” with Heineken. The statement is a little vague on that remaining 50%, but we are assuming the remaining stake has been purchased by Heineken.

Magee says in a statement:

Today we’re announcing our decision to connect Lagunitas completely with Heineken. Some who don’t fully understand it all may say it is selling out. Truth is that we did then, and are now ‘buying in’… Money has value and equity has value too.

What we know. Tony Magee will still remain in the executive chair. He will still jump into the brewery at will, get involved on his choice of projects, name beers, design labels, and collaborate with brewmaster Jeremy Marshall.

For me it’ll be a chance to make new friends in the brewing world all over the world and to help inspire the efforts of the last great family-controlled global brewer in the world. This is the most humbling and simultaneously energizing ‘next-phase’ imaginable to me.

Heineken is the second largest brewery in the world, after A-B InBev merged with SABMiller.


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