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NEW RELEASE: Rogue Double Chocolate Stout

Rogue loves chocolate.  The Newport, Oregon brewer has a few chocolate based offerings in their arsenal.  Here in 2010, Rogue brings another chocolate beer, one that’s already one awards and is sure not to disappoint.


Double Chocolate Stout is the evolution of Chocolate Stout, a recipient of world-wide acclaim and over 25 awards. Chocolate Stout was created when Rogue’s Brewmaster, John Maier, took his World Champion Shakespeare Stout, named the “Best of 1500 Beers” by Bob Klein in the Beer Lover’s Rating Guide, and added Imported Dutch Chocolate.


Hops: Cascade & Rogue Micro Hopyard Revolution

Malts: Crystal 120, Chocolate, Rogue Micro barley farm Risk

Yeast: Pacman

Dutch Chocolate

Taste Expectations: Dutch bittersweet chocolate. Roasted malts.  Some subtle coffee notes

Food Pairings: Beef, oysters.  Desserts

Availability: 750 ML painted bottles. Draft.

9% ABV

One thought on “NEW RELEASE: Rogue Double Chocolate Stout

  1. I tried their regular chocolate stout & it was seriously lacking in chocolate taste. It did not even have a whiff of a chocolate smell. It tasted like a Guinness draught. Now I made a beer float with it by putting a scoop of vanilla ice cream & it tasted great. It’s a beer float kinda beer. Hopefully this double chocolate will taste like its advertised.

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