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New Release – Redhook 8-4-1 Expedition

Hitting Atlanta shelves today is the newest small batch release by Redhook  Brewing (Woodlinville, WA.) 8-4-1 is an American Strong Ale with a unique bio that explains it’s name. It was developed by 8 Redhook brewers split up into 4 teams of 2 people.  (Be patient, I know it says 8-4-1.)  Each team created 1 beer, close the the target style.  In the end, each teams brew was blended together to make this strong ale.  Many people are starting to refer to it as a bit of an imperial brown ale.

Per Greg Deuhs, Redhook Brewmaster

8-4-1 Expedition Ale is a great beer. Its combination of brown sugar and honey, paired with a variety of rich specialty and smoked malts before being aged for months with oak chips, give it a depth worth sipping next to the fire. Inspired by eight brewers working in four teams, 8-4-1 offers complex nuances to the traditional American-Style Strong Brown Ale that I am confident beer connoisseurs will appreciate.

Ingredients –

Hops – Unspecified as of yet – Expedition IS dry hopped

Malts – Pale, Smoked Specialty, Black, Caramel

Tasting Notes – There is a lot going on with this brew.  Honey. Smoke. Brown sugar is prevalent.  Oaky, sweet notes, and malty there is a complexity you will be spending time sorting out.  Perhaps some cherry.  Subtle sour.

Availability – 22oz bomber bottles, one time limited release.  Very limited draft offerings.

9.5% ABV

55 IBU’s (slight bitter)

More to follow on this one….

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