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NEW RELEASE: Lakefront Fixed Gear

This new release arrives from Lakefront Brewing, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   The beer is “Fixed Gear” a red ale.

Fixed Gear  is a beer the brewers of Lakefront had been working on for about 2 years for a local brewpub.  Through the different batches the recipe grew more aggressive and bold, eventually arriving at the Fixed Gear recipe.  This beer is a testament to the bike messengers of Milwaukee who ride fixed gear bikes – or bikes with no brakes.  It takes a good deal of courage and insanity to ride one – say Russ Klisch, owner of Lakefront in a press release.  From the label –

“Inspired by the energy and audacity of the fixed gear courier, Lakefront Brewery ran smack into this arresting creation. Fixed Gear is a big, bold American red ale. It pours a glaring crimson tone with a rocky white head and a brilliant floral-citrus aroma, thanks to an aggressive dry hopping. Its immodest, malty spine and intrepid caramel flavors blow in via gratuitous amounts of 2-row pale and dark caramel malts. A balanced citrus bite comes from Chinook and Cascade hops followed shortly by mild, fruity esters from the ale yeast. Weighing in at a mean 6.5% ABV and 34 IBU’s, this one’s got an attitude.”

Ingredients –

Hops – Chinook, Cascade.  Dry hopped w/ cascade

Malts – 2 Row Pale, Dark Caramel.

Taste Expectations – Caramel malt & grain.  Citrus & Fruity hop flavors with some hop bitterness on the finish.  Solid malt flavor throughout.

Availability – 22oz Bombers. Draft only in WI.

6.5% ABV

34 IBU’s