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NEW RELEASE: Heavy Seas Hang Ten

Hang Ten from Heavy Seas Brewing (Baltimore, MD) has been in 12oz/ 6 pks for quite a while.  After a short break, this German Weizenbock returns as a part of Heavy Seas’s Mutiny Fleet.  The Mutiny Fleet was first launched in 2009, and showcases unusual & bigger beers in excess of 8% ABV.  All are bottled conditioned and unfiltered.  Most are vintage dated.  This fleet isn’t exactly a side project or experimental line of beer, but it’s almost always very unique.

Hang Ten is a German weizenbock.  Weizenbocks typically have a complex malt character, while remaining on the high alcohol range.  They are comparable to bocks (especially in strength.) A weizenbock is a stronger version of the unfiltered Weissbier or Hefeweizen.

Taste Expectations: Look for dark fruit flavors – (plum, cherry, Raisins even prunes) followed by a big malt profile – caramel, even some vanilla.  Malt sweetness can make you think brown sugar.

Availability:  22oz Bombers, limited release.  Small batch release – July 2010

Cellerable: Yes, for up to 2 years.  Bottles are Vintage dated 2010.

10% ABV