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Terrapin’s GA Theatre Vol 2 Hits Stores!

I think we were all expecting this a few weeks ago.  However, when you are hand packaging each beer it takes time.  The second beer in the Georgia Theatre Sessions has finally hit shelves.   This is 2 of 4 beers being released by Terrapin to benefit the historic Georgia Theatre that was nearly completely destroyed recently in a fire in Terrapin’s home town of Athens, GA.  “Double Feature” celebrates the theatre’s history – especially when it became a movie theater in 1918.

Description from Spike, brewer at Terrapin

Dubbel Feature “Belgian Style Dubbel” is the second of four beers in Terrapin’s Georgia Theatre Sessions. It is brewed with 100% Belgian Malts, an authentic Trappist yeast and Golding and Hersbrucker hops. This deep caramel colored brew has a delicate balance between sweet malt, estery yeast, a subtle bitterness and mellow alcoholic warmth. All the characteristics of a fine Trappist Ale.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Georgia Historic Trust for Historic Preservation Fund to rebuild the Georgia Theatre. To make things even more interesting, there is one Golden Ticket hidden among each of the Georgia Theatre Sessions brews. This means that four lucky winners will receive a lifetime pass to the new Theatre.

I hope that you are the lucky winner!

Cheers! — Spike

Hops — Golding, Hallertau Hersbrucker

Malts – Belgian Pilsner, Belgian Munich, Belgian Aromatic, Belgian Biscuit, Belgian Crystal 45, Belgian Special B

Sugars – Belgian Candi Syrup Dark, Belgian Amber Candy

Availability — 22oz Bottles, hand numbered and boxed.  Rare casks exist.  Any sightings posted to this site/ Twitter – @ATLBeerMaster

7.7% ABV