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Harpoon 100 Barrel #47: A Saison Blend

100 Bbl 47 Saison Various_2

Session #47 in Harpoon’s 100 Barrel Series is in the works. The series allows a Harpoon brewer (or brewers) the chance to experiment and play. Saison Various is the as the name suggests, a little various. Three different saisons were blended together in a fun collaborative effort.

In the spirit of collaboration, Jamie stayed true to the farmhouse tradition of brewing without spices while Ryan balanced East Kent Golding hops with coriander and white peppercorn. Ethan’s American hops and a Trappist yeast strain complemented Rich’s citrusy hop profile, and the combined result is Saison Various: a refreshing blend of saisons, brewing sensibilities, and unique ingredients. 

Style: Saison
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft
Arrival: TBA

6.1% ABV, 45 IBUs

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Harpoon 100 Barrel #47: Hoppy Belgian Style Blonde

4 years ago, Harpoon Brewery started a friendly home brewing competition for their employees. The contest has grown into what is known as the Harpoon Kettle Cup. The most recent winner of the the cup was given a chance to brew for the brewery’s prolific 100 Barrel Series. Thus, introducing release #47 – Hoppy Belgian Style Blonde.

This delightfully drinkable Belgian-style ale features a big kick of American hops. A Belgian yeast strain, Bastogne, was used to give it a fruity/spicy character. A generous dose of hops — including Galaxy, Simcoe, Chinook, and an addition of whole Cascade hops — yields a powerful hop nose and flavor. The finish is sharp and satisfying. 

Style: Belgian Style Blonde
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft. One time release

6.5% ABV, 53 IBUs

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Harpoon 100 Barrel Session 45: Director’s Cut

Harpoon 100 Barrel Director's Cut

Session 45 of Harpoon Brewery’s (Boston, MA) 100 Barrel Series is on the horizon. To be known as Director’s Cut, the beer is a blend of two styles, a pale and a stout. Director’s Cut is named and brewed by ex Harpoon board members Mark Edwards & Jim Perry.

 We knew that being long time friends with Harpoons co-founders, Rich and Dan, would eventually pay off. We’ve loved our time serving on the brewery’s Board since the early years, and were thrilled when they invited us to brew this beer. Individual sensibilities add character, in both friendship and beer. 

Style: Stout (blended w/ pale ale)
Availability: 22 oz bombers, Draft
Arrival: TBA

6.25% ABV, 38 IBUs

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Harpoon on 100 Barrel White IPA [Video]

Harpoon Brewing is on the cusp of shipping the next 100 Barrel Series release – White IPA. The beer is a new take on the American IPA. Describes as

…notes of orange peel and coriander, the soft mouthfeel reminiscent of a Belgian wit, and the hop additions of Simcoe, Citra and Cascade, he strikes a delicate balance between two disparate styles while showcasing the characteristics of both.

The beer was packaged this month and is ready to ship.  Harpoon brewmaster Ken Hermann chats about the new release.


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Harpoon’s 100 Barrel #43: White IPA

Harpoon 100 Barrel White IPAIntroducing Harpoon Brewing’s 43rd session in their 100 Barrel Series: White IPA.

I wanted to brew a uniquely American beer that would maintain the signature characteristics of two distinct styles while forging a direction of its own. Simcoe, Cascade, and Citra hops give this beer the citrus and floral notes of an IPA. while the spiciness and soft mouthfccl are more reminiscient of a Belgian Wit. I hope you enjoy this hoppy and refreshing beer. Cheers! 

Style: IPA 
Hops: Citra, Cascade, Simcoe Availability:  22 oz bombers, Draft

Arrival: May, 2012

6.2% ABV