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New Launch – Moa Brewing

Launching on Friday are 3 offerings from Moa Brewing Company all the way from New Zealand.   This is the first time Moa has been offered in the Atlanta market.  These offerings will initially be found in one place — Hop City.

Moa beer was first realized by Josh Scott, a winemaker at his family winery, Allan Scott Family Winemakers in Marlborough, New Zealand.  Josh thought after years of winemaking, what if he applied these winemaking techniques to craft brewing?  Moa beer uses local champagne.  I got to taste these today, and each is unique and effervescent with a  bubby mouthfeel.  New Zealand hops, malts, wheats, and barley.  Once bottled, Josh Scott carbonates these beers like champagne.

The 3 offerings launching Friday are —

Moa Original — Pilsner, 5.5% ABV.  Vienna & Wheat malts.  Noble hops Saaz & Hallertau, w/ Nelson area grown hops.  Both pellet and cone hops were used to give bitterness and aroma.  German style pilsner with citrus notes and bready yeast balance.

Blanc Wheat — Weissbier, 5.5% ABV.  Utilizes both pilsner and wheat malts.  Low hop content.  Flavors include banana, and vanilla. Very subtle, drinkable and unassuming.

Noir Dark Lager — Euro Dark Lager, 5.5% ABV.  Pilsner, Munich, & Crystal and Chocolate malts.   Low hop content also in the dark lager.  Wine yeast used for bottle fermentation.  Expect bottle sediment.  Flavors include coffee & chocolate.   Very little bitterness.  Definite favorite.

No word yet if more Moa beers will follow.  Again, initially these offerings will solely be available at Hop City on launch on Friday.  All bottles are corked & caged, with a $7.99 price tag.

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