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New Holland Four Witches Ships In April

New Holland Four WitchesNew Holland Brewing will ship Four Witches in April.   Witches is a spicy black saison.

As we kick off our Summer seasonal, Golden Cap saison, we’re excited to roll out a single-batch seasonal, “Four Witches” black saison.   It’s an opportunity to explore flavor within a remarkably interpretive style. Saisons are intriguing beers as they have traditional roots, yet are a delicious forum for variation and development.  

The Four Witches art, illustrated by Kyle Bice, develops on Golden Cap’s theme, with a nod to Wizard of Oz, as L. Frank Baum wrote the book while summering in Holland, MI.  White and dark roasted wheat provide deceptively delicious body, and a playful reference to Oz’s contrast between good and wicked witches. Caramel rye and barley continue the story, along with a unique yeast character and mild spicing.

Style: Saison
Availability:  12oz bottles. (4 packs)
Arrival: April, 2012

?? ABV


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