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New Holland Dragon’s Milk Reserve Raspberry Lemon, for summer

New Holland Raspberry Lemon Dragon's Milk

New Holland Dragon’s Milk Reserve Raspberry Lemon is a new spin on the brewery’s year-round barrel-aged stout.

If you are a bourbon barrel stout fan, you better at least know this base beer. One of the best known beers in New Holland’s lineup is Dragon’s Milk, an imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels from their own distillery.

A little while back, the brewery started releasing some fun variants on the barreled favorite. This summer is New Holland Dragon’s Milk Reserve Raspberry Lemon. How do you make a strong dark beer a little more summery? Michigan raspberries and lemon zest of course.

“Our brewers surprised us with this one and we were amazed how well the flavors and aromas came together to work with Dragon’s Milk. The raspberries bring a depth to Dragon’s Milk that we love and the lemon zest kicks up the fruit aromas and provides a unique, bright, and exciting experience. Our brewers nailed it.” – Brett VanderKamp, President

New Holland Dragon’s Milk Reserve Raspberry Lemon debuts on June 25th at the brewery, and across the brewery’s markets in July.

Expect a new variant in October.

Style: Imperial Stout (w/ Raspberries, Lemons. Barrel Aged. Bourbon.)
Availability: 12oz Bottles, Draft. Seasonal.
Release: June, 2016

11% ABV

New Holland Dragon’s Milk debuted in 2001. Today, the beer ages and resides in more than 3,500 oak barrels at the brewery. 


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