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NEW BREWERY TO GA: Howe Sound Brewing

Just launched in Georgia is Howe Sound Brewing.  Howe Sound hails from Squamish, British Colombia.  The brewery first opened their doors in 2006 and has been expanding ever since.

We opened our doors in Squamish, BC on July 26, 1996.  The founders of the business were Stephen Shard, David Fenn and the Fenn family.  Stephen Shard left the company in 2001, and today the company remains a family owned enterprise.

We operate out of a beautiful, wooden craft style building, build for our purposes.  The inn consists of a pub, restaurant, banquet room, 20 guest rooms and microbrewery.  The brewery distributes products under the Howe Sound name to over 300 stores and pubs in BC.  In 2009, we began shipments to our beer to the United States and Alberta.

The brewery has won many accolades for the quality of its beers. At the 2007 North American Beer Awards, it won a gold medal for Garibaldi Honey Pale Ale and a bronze medal for Diamond Head Oatmeal Stout.  In 2009, it won a silver medal for Bailout Bitter and a bronze medal for Baldwin and Cooper Best Bitter.  In the winter of 2008, Bailout Bitter received international attention as a recession-fighting beer, and was featured in worldwide media, including Good Morning America, the Globe and Mail, Global TV, and European and Asian press.

Launch Beers:

Howe Sound brings 2 beers with it’s initial launch, in very unique swing tops bottles.

Diamond Head Oatmeal Stout
Hops: Willamette, Nugget.
Flavor: Roasty & Bold.  Oatmeal gives the body a creamy flavor.
5% ABV
16 IBU’s

Rail Ale Nut Brown
Style: American Brown Ale
Flavor: Nutty hints.  Chocolate with a touch of licorice.  Brewed with only hops, malts, water, & yeast.
5% ABV

More beers to follow from this brewery.

Availability: 22oz Swing Top Bottles.  No Draft in 2010.

Looking for these? Only place I have seen it is Hop City currently.