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New Belgium Shift Pale Lager To Be A Tallboy

New Belgium ShiftIt’s no secret that New Belgium Brewing will be launching 16oz “tallboy” cans soon.  Shift Pale Lager, will be one of those cans.  As mentioned in my recent visit to New Belgium in October, these cans will come off the line sometime in early 2012.

With the new canning line, the brewery will be able to add more canning capacity, while making 12oz & 16oz editions.  States/markets that don’t currently see New Belgium’s can lineup will see them one it is in place.  The brewery currently cans Fat Tire, Mothership Wit, and Ranger IPA.

Below: 12oz cans waiting to be filled

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  1. i’m sure the beer is great if new belgium is doing it. kinda bummed to see the brand concept is a little dated…

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