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New Belgium Drops 2 Below, Adds Snow Day

New Belgium Brewing is dropping 2 Below, and adding Snow Day.  This recipe is different from 2 Below, as this beer is dark wheat based.  Snow Day seems to be an experiment of an unexpected snow day in Fort Collins.  Replacing 2° Below? We’ll find out soon enough.


With 3 feet of powder closing the roads, a brewery is not a bad place to get snowed in.  Given the unanticipated hass pass of a snow day, our brewers decided to experiment.  Hmm… what about this dark caramel roasted Midnight Wheat braced with a serious load of Styrian Goldings, Centennial and Cascade hops? Shovel it in.  What a deliciously unexpected way to spend a SNOW DAY!

Style: American Dark Wheat?

Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft.

6.2% ABV

One thought on “New Belgium Drops 2 Below, Adds Snow Day

  1. I’m cooling my first 6-pack of Snow Day right now, but I am unhappy about 2 Below being gone. It was one of my absolute favorites. A beer highlight of the winter season.

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