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LSU Creates Their Own Beer

Louisiana State University (LSU) is creating their own beer.  The future blonde ale will be  a collaboration with Tin Roof Brewing in Baton Rouge.  The brewery is located less than a mile from campus, opening it’s doors in November of last year.

This LSU licensed beer will be a blonde ale, and will actually tie into the food science program at the university.  The topic obviously being fermentation.  Professors and students will help with the brew process & sanitation efforts.  Classes will be held at Tin Roof Brewing.  It’s financially beneficial to both parties. LSU will receive royalty money from the sale of the beer, as will Tin Roof.  A great way to help build a small brewery.

Tin Roof is worried about capacity issues once the beer takes off.  This blonde ale has no name yet, and is expected to be canned.  Tin Roof has already ordered a canning line, that according to a tweet by the brewery – arrives today. [BusinessWeek]

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