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Napa Smith Hopageddon, A Post-ahopalyptic Beer

Napa Smith Brewing (Napa, CA) is soon to release Hopageddon, a barrel aged imperial IPA.  It truly is a Hopageddon, as this imperial IPA not only wet-hopped, but aged in Chardonnay & Cabernet barrels.

Hopageddon is an end-of-the-world imperial IPA that defies expectations and induces an intense hop-stupor that will leave you wondering what just happened.  At 144 IBUs, Hopageddon glows with a gorgeous fiery orange color and showcases a distinct, full white head.  The added character given by the Chardonnay and Cabernet barrels accentuates explosive papaya and lychee flavors along with herbaceous aromas.  Chewy, grassy, wet-hop flavors, hints of dried apricot, and impressions of barrel tannins are evident in mutiple layers. The distinct Barrel-hopped flavors and shockwave of bitterness lingers on the palate and leaves hopheads with a Post-ahopalyptic yearning for more.  

Style: Imperial IPA (barrel aged)
Hops: Chinook, Cascade, Warrior, Columbus, Mt. Hood, Centennial

Availability: Draft only, 5.2 gal kegs
Arrival: Nov-Dec, 2011

9.2% ABV, 144 IBUs