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MillerCoors Gets Caught In State Shutdown



MillerCoors has just gotten pinched in Minnesota state government shutdown.  Due to the state not being able to come to terms with a new budget, the government shut down on July 1st.  Now in it’s 13th day, the shutdown is affecting bars – and especially MillerCoors.  Now, the company will have to pull their beer.

Every 3 years, an application must be renewed to sell/distribute beer in the state.  Miller didn’t get the permits resubmitted in time to make the shutdown. Without the renewed license, MillerCoors is forced to pull all 39 brands from the shelves.  Seemingly, there is no workaround until the state begins operations again.

Bars to are having this issue too.  You must possess a license to purchase alcohol for bars.  Since there is no renewal, bars are running dry on beer.  Inability to purchase can harm small breweries.

Steel Toe Brewing is attempting to open it’s doors, but can’t without a state inspector signing off on the new boiler.  We are talking life savings on the line here.

Those breweries and bars with current licenses can continue sales and distribution during the government shutdown.  Ironically, while the political battle wages on in the state capital, a bar in Minneapolis has already had to shut it’s doors.  The name? The Independent.


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