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Miller Launching Bourbon “Flavored” Beer

Miller Coors is taking aim at craft beer sales and whiskey sales with Miller Fortune.

The mega brewery is ready to saturate the market with a bourbon flavored golden lager. The lager is brewed with Cascade hops, with a malt backbone that “resembles” bourbon. Miller Fortune is not aged in bourbon barrels.

The Miller Fortune is described by the brewery as a somewhere between a craft beer, and a light lager. You can attribute a 6% loss in beer sales to spirits since 1999 to this beverage’s creation. Additionally, the brewery is asking bars to serve the flavored beer in a rocks glass.

In summary, expect this. Miller Fortune in a sleek, Batman like bottle, targeted at male drinkers 21-27 years old. At 6.9%, Fortune keeps up with boozer offerings like Black Crown and Platinum by competitor Anheuser-Busch.

All for a low, low price of $6.99 a six pack.

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5 thoughts on “Miller Launching Bourbon “Flavored” Beer

  1. I hope this means more actual BA beers for me when the MillerCoors sheeple start buying up this “bargain” instead of real craft beer.

  2. And now all those gullible sheep kids who think whiskey in beer is “manly” will come to believe that this is what Bourbon-barrel beer tastes like. We all know the only reason that MillerCoors or AB/InBev markets crap like this is to try to debase craft brewing because they have no other way to fight it. It’s greed-driven cynicism in its purest essence: if you can’t legitimately fight something, reduce it to your level. The thing is, even if they did want to do it right, it would never work because in order to buy enough Bourbon barrels to make the billion+ cases required to get their bean-counters interested, financially, they’d have to buy roughly every Bourbon barrel in every American distillery and cripple the Bourbon trade for a decade. If you can’t do something right…do it half-assed and spend $10M making wild claims about it.

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