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Brewery Working On Beer Drone Delivery

Have ever been camping, snowed in a cabin, or even ice fishing and run out of beer? A tragedy when the next store is far way. Craft brewery Lakemaid Beers has a solution, the Lakemaid Beer Drone.

Wisconsin-based Lakemaid took a cue from Amazon’s drone delivery service to help get beer to ice fisherman. The idea is simple. The thirsty fisherman sends the GPS coordinates to the shop owner, the shop owner straps a case of beer to the drone, and the drone delivers.

Fun right? Up to a certain point. The most immediate issue with drone delivery is the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). There is currently a restriction for commercial use of drones. Amazon is up against the same issue, alongside flying drones in cities, and densely populated areas. Lakemaid is rurally based, basically only flying across lakes.

For now, this technology is just conceptual. There are still some regulatory hurdles to jump through before beer by personal helicopter becomes reality.

Soon, you’ll never leave the house to get your beer. (or Amazon deals.)

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