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Millbock Brewing Introduces Brown Porter

Millbock Brown Porter

Harrisburg favorite Millbock Brewing is adding Brown Porter to their lineup. In the past year, Millbock has seen tremendous success in the area and are continuing their seemingly unending growth with this beer.

Brewer and co-owner Alan Miller says: “Millbock Brown Porter is brewed with a large amount of brown malt which gives it it a nutty, biscuity, roasty and slightly smoky flavor. In addition to the brown malt we use a healthy dose of dark crystal as well as chocolate malts. We use English hops as well as English yeast. The finish is somewhat sweet and at 5.5%abv. Expect to see Millbock brown porter in local establishments in a few weeks.”

Style: Porter
Availability: on tap
Arrival: Soon

5.5% ABV