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Mikkeller Single Hop Mayhem!

So many IPA’s these days have multiple hops used in the brew.  That’s not a bad thing, so many of these multi hopped beers are great.  However, for a lot of beginning craft beer drinkers, or even some of the more seasoned ones rarely get to experience the flavors a single hops possesses.  Believe me, one single hop can make a huge difference.

Mikkeller Brewing hails from Denmark, started in 2006.  It’s a collaboration of two home brewers, Mikkel Borg Bjergso and Kristian Klarup Keller.  Since Mikkeller Brewing started, they have brewed a line of single hopped IPA’s focusing each of it’s unique flavors.

This Saturday March 27th, Brick Store Pub hosts Mikkeller Single Hop Mayhem! All 10 single hopped beers will be featured on draft starting at 11 am until they float.  All hops contain alpha acids.  Alpha Acids are the bittering compound that come out of hops when they are boiled.  The higher the alpha acid (AAU) the more bitterness is detected in taste.  Alpha acids carry a measurement in percentages, based on total dried weight.  Below the hops are broken down by each offering, hop info, and AAU percentage

Amarillo, 6.9% ABV.  Developed by Virgil Gamache Farms, AAU 5-11%.  Considered a medium bodied hop.

Cascade, 6.9% ABV. Developed by Oregon State University in 1956. Breed from Fuggle & Serebrianker. Cascade is a very successful hop, big on grapefruit/citrus flavor.

Centennial, 7% ABV.  Release to public in 1990. First bred, 1974.  Lot of common with Chinook & Cascade. 9-12% AAU

Chinook, 6% ABV.  Bred in the Washington State.  USDA bred variant of Petham Golding bitterring hop.  Very aromatic.  Lots of citrus flavor. Earthy.  Great for dry hopping or used late in boil.  12-14% AAU

Warrior, 6.9% ABV.  Bred at Yakima Chief Ranches.  High bittering hop. With AAU 15-17% Citrusy, earthy.

Nugget, 6.9% ABV.  Bittering hop.  Floral aroma.  Some nugget IPA described with a resin like flavor.  High AAU 12-14%

Simcoe, 6.9% ABV. Very popular hop.  Hit the scene in 2000. Lots of pine, bitter.  Resembles Cascade.

Tomahawk, 6.9% ABV.  AKA Columbus.  Very well rounded hop.  Obvious bittering hop, with a flavor profile to boot.  Spicy, citrusy, light hints of fruit. Earthy, low pine.

East Kent, 6.9% ABV.  Named for villages of East Kent in England.  Hop first grown in 1790.  Sweet flavor.  Lower bitterness. 7% AAU

Nelson Sauvin, 6.9% ABV. Bred in New Zealand, released in 2000. It has a wine like fruitiness, like Sauvignon Blanc.  Fairly rare in the US.  12-13% AAU.

Food pairings as well.  Well, there’s your hop info.  It all starts at 11 am this Saturday.  Flights of 5 beers each will be available too.  Food pairings as well

Brickstore Pub

125 East Court Square

Decatur, GA