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Mikkeller Ris a la M’ale

Ris a la mande is a Christmas dish composed of rice pudding, whipped cream, vanilla, chopped almonds and topped with cherry sauce.  The dessert is served cold.  This new beer is based on this Danish dessert from Mikkeller – Ris a la M’ale.  This new offering in the United States keeps this Christmas treat in mind, to be drank with the dish or alone.

Commercial Description:
Rice a la M’ale’ is to be enjoyed as a dessert, similarly to the one of the same name that inspired it, Risalamande. In this new beer, the one-man brewer has, among other things, experimented with cherries and almonds. “I’d make a new Christmas beer and think it’s fun to experiment with new ingredients and spices so it was natural to try to make a dessert that can be drunk to risalamande,” explains the brewer. In the new ‘Rice a la M’ale’ the man behind Mikkeller used all the ingredients of the Danish Christmas dessert: rice, vanilla, sugar, salt, cream / milk and then cherries and almond extract.

The result is a slightly tart ale, which must provide the counterpoint to the sweet risalamande-dessert.”

Style: Fruit/Vegetable Beer

Taste Expectations: Cherries & Almonds.  Mouthfeel almost like a saison. Spices

Availability: 12.7 oz Corked/caged. Paper wrapped.

8% ABV

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