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Mikkeller Officially Contract Brewing Stateside

A few weeks ago BSJ mentioned that Invasion IPA from Mikkeller was being brewing at Drake’s in California.  The name is fitting, as Mikkeller will be doing more contract brewing there.   Via Beer Ticker (A foreign site) and some google translate:

Mikkel Borg , Mikkeller now confirms to that the brewery, which must kontraktbrygges by the U.S., now is found. This is Drake’s Brewing in San Leandro at San Francisco.

The first beer gets the aptly named Invasion IPA. However, now brewed in the first place by another brewer, from where it only comes out at the plate. But if it goes according to plan, it must be brewed at Drake’s Brewing in November. Details about what the next beer to be brewed, is not yet available.

It first came up back in May that Mikkeller had plans to contract brewing in America.The U.S. market is definitely the biggest of Mikkeller – about half of production last year was allocated to the U.S.. But Mikkeller beer is expensive in the U.S. because they are imported from Europe. The agreement with Drake’s Brewing opens up opportunities for more competitive prices.

Back in May said Mikkel Borg Mountains to Politiken that he believed that no problems could be sold annually one million liters in the U.S. if there were contract brewed there.Mikkellers total annual production last year was 400,000 liters. The vast majority have so far been contract brewed by Brouwerij De Proef in Belgium.

Future stateside brews to be announced. [Beerticker via TheFullPint]