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Bruery Batch #50 Grand Funk Aleroad


The Bruery’s Batch#50 homebrew contest winner = Grand Funk Aleroad, a gueuze.
Al Buck, a homebrewer and biologist, won the The Bruery’s Batch #50 homebrew con   To put time in perpective- the brewery just did their Batch #300 con  What has taken so long for this beer to appear? Recreating the beer.  Gueuze is a blend of at least 2 vintages.

Nearly 3 years later, after brewing the beer once in 2009 and a second batch in 2010, after adding various strains of wild yeasts and bacteria to the barrels and the bottles, after blending multiple batches back together and well beyond our release of Batch #300, we’re finally prepared to release Batch #50 — Grand Funk Aleroad. Brewed in the classic Belgian Gueuze tradition of barrel aging and blending multiple vintages of lambic-style ale, Batch #50 is one of the most rewarding beers we’ve ever had the opportunity to brew.

Grand Funk Aleroad’s release date will be announced soon. [BrueryReserveSociety]

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