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Meth Lab? Homebrewing? Cops Raid Apartment

Can’t make this stuff up. Police in Colorado Springs raided an apartment

building on suspicion of being a meth lab.  The building manager saw a home brewing setup, and called the police.

Colorado Springs police said the apartment building at 2400 Tremont St. was evacuated Monday and a Hazardous Materials team was brought in after the manager conducted a routine inspection and discovered a pair of 5-gallon buckets giving off an odor he suspected to be involved with the production of meth, The (Colorado Springs) Gazette reported Wednesday.


5 thoughts on “Meth Lab? Homebrewing? Cops Raid Apartment

  1. Mike and I joke about the neighbors calling the police on us all the time.  We figure that it is just a matter of time before a nosy neighbor turns our homebrewing into a meth ring…

  2. i’ve had this happen to me as well. being covered in tattoos doesn’t help, but they faked a 911 call to come in and make sure nobody was hurt, saw my carboys and freaked. when i told him it was beer, imediate change of attitude. still wonder which neighbor called me in

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