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Maui To Build New Brewery, Ship To Virginia

Garrett Marrero, founder of Maui Brewing finds himself in a good, put touch situation.  Keep up with the demand for his beer.   Thanks to Chris Furnari over at Brewbound, we know what he is planning to do about it.  Build.

According to a recent interview, Marrero is about to close on a new piece of land that will triple Maui’s current footprint.

Marrero said the new brewery site is approximately 35,000 square feet and could be operational within the next two years. It will boast an initial capacity of 40,000 barrels and is capable of being scaled to over 100,000.

The expansion will run in the neighborhood of $10 – $15 million dollars.  Also, Virginia is next on the distribution list.  Check out the whole interview, plus some new Maui releases over  at Brewbound.  Thanks Chris!



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