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Maui Brewing Hits Maryland

Maui Brewing heads to Maryland…

LAHAINA, MAUI, HI – 19 October 2011 – Maui Brewing Co. (MBC) is proud to announce that a distribution agreement has been reached with Legends Ltd. Legends Ltd. is a Baltimore-based craft and specialty beer wholesaler, with distribution throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C., for more than 150 of the world’s most celebrated breweries.  “I was impressed with Erin and Legends Ltd. as a distributor.  They know how to treat craft beer and we felt comfortable entrusting our brand to them,” says Garrett Marrero of MBC.

Maryland is the tenth state where MBC’s Big Swell IPA, Bikini Blonde Lager, CoCoNut PorTeR and Mana Wheat can be found – now in addition to the states of Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Texas, Nevada and Arizona. Maryland is also the only east-coast state with distribution of MBC products.

Erin Tyler of Legends Ltd. comments, “The response has been great! We have sold through our container with just a few remaining cases. Accounts have been asking for more. It is great to have another all canned brewery that makes such quality products.”

“Folks have been writing us for some time now, asking when the east coast will get our craft beer and I am happy to finally be able to bring some product out that way.  Maui Brewing Co. is particularly proud to be the first Hawaiian-made beer to hit the Atlantic coast,” says Garrett Marrero.  He continues, “Unlike other breweries, Maui Brewing Co. will not contract brew because we are dedicated to continue to produce a truly Hawaiian beer.  You are guaranteed that all Maui Brewing Co. canned and draft beer received anywhere is made and packaged on-island.”

Maui Brewing Co. is one of only two truly local Hawaiian breweries, brewing and packaging 100% of product in the state. Maui Brewing Co. and Hawaii Nui (on the Big Island) are very proud to be wholly produced in Hawaii. Maui Brewing Co. has been recognized as Hawaii’s #1 craft beer since 2005 and the company has a strong commitment to the local economy, and the environment. MBC craft beers are packaged with the most eco-friendly materials. Although cans and bottles are both recyclable, bottles still break and pose a risk at beaches. The cans are manufactured on Oahu and designed by local Maui artists; they have the added bonus of protecting the beer in the best possible manner, protecting the product from both light and oxygen damage which can seriously compromise the taste. Plastic rings are dangerous to marine life and therefore, a unique, recyclable plastic carrying device is used to hold the products. The spent grain from beer production is donated to local ranchers for cattle feed and composting. Maui Brewing Co. is also very active in several local Hawaii charities.

Founder Garrett Marrero and his wife, Melanie, operate a 7-barrel brewpub at the Kahana location as well as a 25-barrel production brewery and canning facility in Lahaina.  Maui Brewing Co. is a truly local beer as 100% of their products are made in Hawaii.

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  1. Is this an old press release?  We’ve carried MBC in Maryland since August…also I’ve seen them at several shops in DC.

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