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Marin Preps For Wet Hops

Tim Sciascia, brewer at Marin Brewing Company (maker of Moylan’s) recently took a trip with other members of the staff to HopsMeister Hop Farm in California in search of organic, wet, fresh hops to brew with.  The farm started 4 years ago in Oregon & Washington and has grown considerably in acreage since then.

Cascade, Columbus, Chinook, & Horizon vines run as much as 15 feet high.  Marin bought hops and had them immediately picked and taken back to Novato, California to brew with as fast as possible.  Fresh hopped brews have been a growing trend over the past few years, a brew that is time critical.  Fresher the hop the better.  While some breweries ship their fresh hopped pales and IPAs, some keep them very local.

The 1st of 3 casks tap today.  Three Flowers & Marin IPA will tap over the next week.    With the left over hops, Marin hints a potentially wet hopping a favorite. Like Moylander IPA. [LarkspurPatch]