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Lucid Brewing To Open In Minnesota

(Minnetonka, MN) — In one of the more anticipated business openings of the year, upstart Lucid Brewing has cleared the key hurdle to open the first production microbrewery in Minnetonka. In doing so, Lucid joins a select few, including Surly Brewing, who have catapulted to national prominence and have made Minnesota a definitive hotbed for “craft” beers and brewing.

“The Twins Cities have become an industry magnet due to the success of Surly, who have pretty much capitalized on their relationship with Brooklyn Park to create some innovative ways of selling their brand. We think it’s time the Southwest Suburbs had their own flagship brewery. And what better place to locate than in Minnetonka, where beers and lakeside enjoyment go hand in hand,” waxed owner Jon Messier.

Lucid Brewing which began in the basements and garages of Jon Messier and Eric Biermann will go from home brewing to full scale microbrewery now that they have received their federal permits to produce and sell alcohol. The brewery is currently under construction with an estimated completion date of early October. The duo will still require their state and city certificates, which partially hinged on the federal permit, but are not anticipating any delays to their early-Fall production schedule.

Lucid Brewing will launch with two craft beers aimed at a broad range of beer drinkers. The lighter of the two beers called AIR, will feature a uniquely fruity aroma, reminiscent of mangoes and key-limes, and a moderately light body with a crisp finish. The second brand called CAMO, is classified as a Double Imperial Pale Ale for its overzealous hop and malt character. At 9% alcohol this beer is a throwback to Jon’s and Eric’s homebrewing roots where extreme is norm.

Lucid Brewing plans to produce 2500 barrels annually and has room to expand to 15,000. The brewery plans to release seasonal and experimental beers in addition to its standard line up. More information available at

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