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LSU Beer Has A Name “Bandit Blonde”

UPDATE 8/18, 3 pm:  LSU states name “Bandit Blond” is not official, as it has not been “signed off” on it yet.

Louisiana State University announced in July that they were collaborating with Tin Roof Brewing to create a LSU branded beer.  The beer will be brewed by students as a part of a fermentation sciences program, canned by Tin Roof (canning line has JUST been installed), and sold at football games.

The beer now has a name “Bandit Blonde.”

Tin Roof has partnered with LSU to bring you this refreshing blonde ale, brewed specifically with the tiger tailgater in mind.  With the help of LSU, we’ve created a truly unique “hands on” educational experience for students interested in the fermentation sciences.  

 Style: American Blonde Ale
Availability:  LSU football games, retail near university

?? ABV

Geaux Local.   Drink Tin Roof Beer

3 thoughts on “LSU Beer Has A Name “Bandit Blonde”

  1. THE NEW NAME SHOULD BE “PURPLE AND COLD”…. It has a great sound to it… Any suggestions.

  2. Straight from Wikipedia:  Chinese Bandits — Whenever LSU forces a turnover or gets the ball back via a defensive stop, the LSU band plays the Chinese Bandits tune. Tiger fans bow to the defense while the tune is played. The term “Chinese Bandits” originated as the nickname that LSU Coach Paul Dietzel gave to the defensive unit he organized in 1958, which helped LSU to win its first national championship. The next season, the 1959 Chinese Bandit defense held their opponents to an average of only 143.2 yards per game. No LSU defense since has done better. COULD THE BEER NAME BE RELATED? IF NOT, IT SHOULD BE!

  3. Why not something to do with um… tigers?  Do they have to stay away from naming a beer after a mascot? 

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