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Lakefront Brewing Wants You To Meet Dan

Lakefront Brewing (Milwaukee, WI) wants you to meet Dan.  Dan is the tax/compliance guy at the brewery.  Lakefront’s “My Turn” series highlights the important folks at the brewery, not matter how big or how small.  Everybody at Lakefront is part of your beer, from the person hopping the beer to the guy putting cases on pallets.

About Dan:
This is Dan.  Dan is the tax and Compliance/Transportation Manager at Lakefront, which basically means he does two important things:  One – he keeps the feds happy so we can stay in business, and Two – he makes sure the beer gets to distributors so you can get your hands on it.  Dan’s important.  

 Dan digs Golf, Tai Chi, Music, and BLTs one layer at a time (don’t ask).  When asked about what he’d be doing if he didn’t work at the brewery, he gave some crackpot story about bikini inspecting, but we know he’s exactly where he ought to be  After all, his favorite part about working at the brewery is… working at a brewery.  Well put, Dan.  

About the Beer: 
Dan brewed a Baltic Porter.  Expecdt this thing to be dark and robust with a malty sweetness.  A touch hopper than the typical porter, the medium bitterness balances the malts and a deep chocolate or coffee aroma stops just short of burnt.  If we did it right, this one oughta be one big, full bodied beer

Style: Baltic Porter
Availability: 220z bombers
Arrival: TBD

6.5% ABV, 60 IBUs

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