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Jester King’s Bonnie The Rare Berliner Weisse

Jester King Brewing will be launching a new berliner weisse (sour wheat ale) in 2012.   Bonnie The Rare is a beer built on extensive research on the style by the brewery.  They style originated in northern Germany in the 16th century.  A one time, the style was so populare that almost 700 breweries brewed it.  By the early 1900’s, only a handful of German breweries were producing it.  Bonnie uses harvested rain water, along with local well water.

The Concept:
A traditional Berlin-style sour wheat beer, based on the meticulous research of beer historian Ron Pattinson. Big thanks to Kristen England of Pour Decisions Brewery for all of his help along the way and to our good friend Andrew Pogue, whose test batch first inspired the idea.

Is it wrong that an anthropomorphic bear happens to enjoy doing housework while wearing women s clothes? Would society col-lapse if a fizzy, little, pale yellow beer had flavor, and if its flavors were a bit strange? Camouflage cans lie before us like ancient throbbing pillars of masculinity, their con-tents as bland as the roles they attempt to force upon us. For those who dare to ques-tion the gender roles of 1950’s television, or to live outside the so-called social norms, we offer Bonnie the Rare-our own challenge to expectation. Jester King Craft Brewery is an authentic farmhouse-brewery in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, on the outskirts of Austin. We brew what we like, drink what we want and offer the rest to those who share our tastes.

Style: Berliner Weisse
Hops: Czech Saaz
Malts: Pale Wheat, Belgian Pilsener, Caramunich, Acidulated Malt
Water: Harvesterd Rain and/or Hill Country Well Water
Yeast: English Dry Ale and/or Farmhouse Yeast
Bacteria: Lactobacillus

Availability: 750 ml bottles, Draft
Arrival: TBA

3.2% ABV