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Jester King Synthesis Analogous, Aged in Sherry Barrels

Jester King Synthesis Analogous, a new blend of farmhouse ales, releases Friday, September 18th.

The inspiration for Jester King Synthesis Analogous, comes from a few sources. Initially, how Belgian brewing legends Cantillon and Drie Fonteinen do second fermentations on some of their fruited beers. That process prompted Jester King to referment the raspberries from Atrial Rubicite to create La Vie en Rose.

Blackberries from Nocturne Chrysalis Blend #2 were refermented in a young farmhouse ale. That beer needed more time to mellow and smooth out, so it was in blended with La Vie en Rose (brewed with raspberries) and matured in Spanish sherry barrels.

We felt the nutty, caramel character from the sherry barrels would add a nice roundness to the blend over time. The ratio of the blend was 2:1 in favor of the beer refermented with blackberries from Nocturn Chrysalis. It matured in sherry barrels for over a year prior to packaging this July.

Jester King Synthesis Analogous will be available in the taproom on Friday September 18th, at 4 pm in 750 milliliter bottles.

Style: American Wild Ales (w/ Raspberries. Blackberries. Barrel Aged. Sherry)
Availability: 750ml Bottles
Release: 9/18/15

5.6% ABV, 14 IBUs

Images via Jester King