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Jester King Foudreweizen, A Live Oak Collab [PICS]

Jester King Foudreweizen

Jester King Foudreweizen is the second collaboration Jester King has done with Live Oak Brewing Co. Both breweries are based in Austin, Texas.

To create Foudreweizen, Jester King transferred Live Oak Hefeweizen wort (boiled, but not yet fermented beer) from the brewery across town and brought it to Jester King to slowly ferment in their in house oak foudre. The yeast and bacteria in the oak walks of the foudre went to work.

After two months in the foudre, a tartness began to emerge as lactic acid producing bacteria began to convert organic compounds into organic acids. Finally, Foudreweizen continued to develop more funk and acidity as it matured in bottles, kegs, and casks during the two months prior to release.

Jester King Foudreweizen follows the first collaboration with Live Oak, Kollaborationsbier. For both releases, the breweries took wort and let a mix of wild yeast and bacteria decide what the beer becomes.

Brewed in January of 2015, Jester King Foudreweizen was bottled in March. Nearly 3,000 bottles will go on sale Friday, May 22nd, 2015.

Style: American Wild Ale (Oak Aged)
Availability: 750ml bottles. 3,000 produced.
Release: 5/22/15

5.6% ABV, 11 IBUS

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