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Jester King & Fantome Collaborate. Sorry, Texas.

Jester King Brewery (Austin, TX) recently collaborated with world famous Belgian brewer Fantome in Soy, Belgium. The brewery travelled abroad for the opportunity to create a farmhouse ale (much like they do in the Lone Star State.)

This story doesn’t have a happy ending for the folks in Texas. Jester King Fantome Del Rey will not make it shelves there. The state’s licensing fees to distribute there is way too high. In addition beers must be subjected to laboratory testing. Faced with these hurdles, many small breweries, stateside and beyond, don’t sell in the state.

Some of the Jester King Fantome Del Rey will ship stateside in small quantities, to those that receive Fantome currently.

Style: Farmhouse Ale
Availability: 750ml Bottles

8% ABV

3 thoughts on “Jester King & Fantome Collaborate. Sorry, Texas.

  1. Not so sad… Right now NO JK beers are on any shelves in even Austin, thanks to Flood Distribution. Since they are a new distributor in Texas, they have yet to create new contracts with any local or regional retailers, which means you can only now get any JK beer directly from the brewery on any give weekend. –Nastic

  2. “Thanks to Flood Distribution”. Is that what you think, JimNastic? They haven’t given us any beer to sell for the last two months. Your assumptions about how the distro game works are simply wrong. Save the shit talk for something you’re actually informed about.

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