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Jester King Cerveza de Tempranillo, Blend 2

Jester King Cerveza de Tempranillo

Jester King Cerveza de Tempranillo Blend #2, goes on sale Saturday December 26th. The last time this beer was released was in February of 2014.

Jester King Cerveza de Tempranillo is a barrel-aged farmhouse ale, re-fermented with Texas-grown Tempranillo grapes. Blend #2 is slightly lower in alcohol by volume (7.2% vs. 9.4%), and was refermented in stainless steel, rather than oak like Blend #1.

 We’re happy about the fact that the grapes in blend 2 came from Texas, as opposed to California. Not that the California grapes aren’t good, but we prefer to embrace the characteristics we get from Texas microflora and soil, so as to make beer with a sense of place.

All in all, Jester King Cerveza de Tempranillo was fermented in both steel tanks and oak, racked to oak for maturation, refermented with grapes in steel, then bottle conditioned.  Total yield, 3,000, 500ml bottles.

Style: American Wild Ales (w/ Grapes. Oak Aged)
Availability: 500ml bottles
Release: 12/26/15

7.2% ABV

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