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Is Natty Light The First Beer In Space?

Four Pines Brewing in Australia is already laying plans to the first beer brewed IN space.  However, they may have been beaten – by Natty Light.   On November 18th, a can of Natural Light, made a trip into space.  (Depends on your definition of space though. 100,000 feet is a little low.)

The Styrofoam Cooler – aka The Aluminum Fullcan took a 2 hour flight more than 90,000 feet off the ground.  Inside the cooler was a camera, a tracking device, and a vacuum sealed can of Natty.

Sapporo made a “space beer” in 2008, using barley grown on the International Space Station.

Here’s the Video of the 2 hour trip:

Here’s the design of the Aluminum Fullcan

The vacuum sealed bag