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Introducing Wild Heaven Craft Beers!

Atlanta has a booming craft beer scene.  More and more breweries are being sold here, more bars are looking to craft beer to satisfy the thirst of its discerning patrons.  Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better — it does.   A new brewing company rises – and it’s based here.  Introducing Wild Heaven Craft Beers.

You may have seen both me and @AtlantaBeer talk about this “wild” mysterious new Georgia brewer.  It’s driven a few of you nuts trying to figure it out.   Here’s the scoop.  Wild Heaven is their name — Belgians are their brew of choice.  Nick Purdy, Paste Magazine founder has taken on Wild Heaven as his newest project.

Launch Beers:

Invocation – Belgian Golden Ale,  8.5% ABV.  Sweet candi sugar nose, with a light malt body.

Ode To Mercy – Imperial Brown,  8.2% ABV.  Brewed with a special blend of coffee from 1,000 faces in Athens, GA.

The Invocation is fantastic.  I’ve only had 12 ounces of it, and I’m looking forward to more.  Ode To Mercy is a very easy drinking brown ale with light coffee notes to compliment.  These beers will arrive on tap handles in Decatur and around the Atlanta area starting next week.  Brick Store Pub, & Cypress Street will be among the first to tap.

More to follow!

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