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IKEA Launches House Beer Brand

The home of the affordable Swedish furniture, IKEA has officially launched a new dark lager beer called Ã–l Mörk Lager. This beer is pre-assembled, and only available for purchase in stores, and right now only in the United Kingdom. Who brews it? Brauerei Nemo Namenlos, based in Germany. Each bottle will run you close to $3 U.S. This isn’t the only alcohol IKEA carries. Snaps Akvavit is a herbal strong spirit also carried in the UK.

Style: Dark Lager
Availability: 12 oz bottles, IKEA Stores, UK only.

4.7% ABV

Update 7/25/12 – IKEA tells BSJ that there are now plans to bring this beer or any alcohol to the United States…

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