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Heavy Seas Yule Tide “Pre-Aged” For Your Pleasure

A few months ago I mentioned that Heavy Seas Brewing was having a little yeast issue when it came to Yule Tide.  Yule is a Belgian style tripel, released around Christmas seasonally. Yule Tide was not released last year.

After speaking with Heavy Seas founder Hugh Sisson, he was happy to report that the yeast finally cooperated, and Yule Tide was produced.  The plan it to release a 1 year vintage of Yule Tide this winter in addition to the 2011 vintage. Instant vertical!

About Yule Tide:
Slightly sweet with a complex malty flavor. The spicy flavor comes from our unique blend of Trappist yeast and Belgian candi sugar – making it both aromatic and flavorful. It will benefit with aging up to two years.

Arrival: November, 2011