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Dogfish Head & Sam Adams Go Flowery

To cut straight to the point, Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head Brewing & Jim Koch of Boston Beer Company are collaborating.  Sam made a trip this week up to Boston, MA for the brew day.

The resulting beer will only see the light of day at Savor in Washington D.C. in June.  According to the Wall Street Journal the beer has a name – “Savor Flowers” as it’s brewed with dried red & white rose petals, plus 2 other kinds of roses.  The hops are experimental, known only by a name “369.”  As if the beer needed to be a bit MORE unique, this floral offering is aged in a special whiskey barrel dear to Jim Koch, one he aged a triple bock in back in the ’90s.  Food Republic is reporting that Koch also added “a tincture –or extraction – that he [Koch] has nicknamed WTF, which smells and tastes a lot like lavender.”  Later, this WTF was revealed to also contain hibiscus & jasmine.

Total production is only 30 barrels, and only the lucky few that got tickets to Savor (before or after the server meltdown) will get to try it.  <Food Republic>