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Heavy Seas Davy Jones’ Lager Cans Come in June

Another beer to add to your cans of summer lineup. Heavy Seas Davy Jones’ Lager cans should be hitting shelves in June 2013. This beer was once categorized as marooned and no longer going to be made by Heavy Seas. Its revival is a ‘steam’ beer that uses lager yeast fermented at ale temperatures creating a creamy smoothness with a malt body. This time around, the recipe was tweaked a little bit. Davy Jones is down to 6% instead of 7%. That might make a little difference in the sun. Go ahead a grab for that 4th can. Or 5th.

Style: Lager/California Common
Availability: 12oz Cans. 12 packs only.
Arrival: June 2013

6% ABV