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Half Acre’s Cipher Is A Beer & A Hidden Code

Half Acre Brewing CipherHalf Acre Brewing will be releasing Cipher in the coming weeks.  The name is an homage to something you use everyday but might not think about – computer code.

Computers dominate even the most basic of tasks. Almost everyone uses a device that can do amazing things to connect us to information and people. These tasks are carried out by simple or complex computing devices that rely on code. Code consists of basic numbers or letters that are arranged to form very complex ideas. You use code everyday. Code is running in and around us all the time.

Cipher will be a Belgian blond with a little technology mixed in.   Working with @c7five, the label contains code.  If you can solve the code you can win prizes.  Release dates to follow.  Note: The cipher will only be on the bottles. It’s not pictured above…